Are VAUDE products fur-free?

  • VAUDE has had a clear commitment to animal welfare for many years: We do not use real animal fur in clothing, accessories or in any other product.
  • The term ‘fur’ refers to any animal skin or part that has hair, fleece, or fur fibers attached, either in a raw or processed state. It also refers to any pelts that are taken from animals that have been specifically raised for their coats (especially mink, fox, rabbit and raccoon dog).
  • In our product philosophy we take a clear stand against the use of real fur. For products such as winter coats with fur collars, only faux fur or fur imitations made from synthetic materials are used.
  • For this reason VAUDE supports the international initiative "Fur Free Retailer". In this way, VAUDE is setting a sign for animal welfare and agrees in writing to not offer any products with real fur. The animal welfare organization FOUR PAWS has been representing the "Fur Free Retailer" initiative in Germany since 2012. With success: over 300 renowned fashion and outdoor brands worldwide have already joined this initiative.
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