Recycled Collection

That environmental performance and outstanding design are not mutually exclusive can be clearly seen in the new VAUDE Packs ’n Bags Recycled Collection. Recycled PET bottles are used in the production of these nine bags, laptop cases and daypacks; yet their appearance and quality are anything but second choice.

We have chosen to use recycled PET as our material resource because it meets several important demands: Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is used all around the world and over 50% of plastic packaging worldwide is PET packaging. This not only makes it a readily accessible source, but also by using PET we help to reduce the accumulating piles of rubbish that would arise if PET were not to be recycled. Just as an example: In 2004, the worldwide consumption of PET packaging was about 10 million tons! Of which approximately 90% were PET bottles. Sources: und

Another key advantage is that producing new products from recycled materials uses less energy than making products from raw materials.

PET packaging is already characterised by low energy requirements. This applies to the manufacture of the plastic, production of packaging, bottling and any transport
from manufacturer through the consumer to supply.

If you compare the energy requirements on the entire life cycle of glass and PET reusable bottles, PET scores much more favourably. Several Lifecycle analyses such as a study commissioned by the German Ministry of Environment as well as PETCORE have proven this. The recycling of PET helps to save valuable energy and resources. Proven: The use of recycled PET reduces energy consumption by approximately 65% compared to using conventional PET.

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