Travel Luggage

When designing our rolling suitcases and backpack trolleys, we paid special attention to meeting the needs of modern cosmopolites. However, all other travelers will be delighted by the many clever details. In addition to the generous storage space, VAUDE travel bags and wheeled luggage have plenty of practical features to help you feel at home while traveling. All travel bags and trolleys are manufactured from the most robust and durable materials. So they always stay intact, even under roughest conditions like loading at the airport, on the ferry, at the train station or into the car, and no matter how much they need to carry. A reinforced bottom further increasesthe bag’s durability and „life expectancy“.

The VAUDE Tonga and Samoa travel bags with wheels also have additional carrying options: we have equipped them with slide-stop pads on the shoulder straps and two additional carrying handles. This allows them to be extremely versatile and so they can be carried anywhere.

For the wheeled bags, Tecorail 65 and 80, we’ve developed a new suspension system with technical detailed solutions.

Both models feature a robust, padded back. The bags can be easily converted into a backpack; straps and hipbelt can be stowed in a practical compartment at the back. A protective cover covers the wheels and protects your clothing when it is carried. In addition, a detachable daypack can be easily unzipped and used separately.

Cabine Size

The models Futuna 25, Sapporo, Tecotravel 40 and Tobago 35 are optimal for flying. Even if they look like they offer loads of storage space from the outside they still can be used as carryons when you check in.


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