Bike Backpack Features

VAUDE bike backpacks have several features that are consistent throughout the collection. These details often make the small but significant difference.


Helmet Holder

VAUDE bike backpacks give you the option of attaching the helmet holder or not- so they don’t become the defining feature of your pack. The helmet holder can be easily attached with the help of four straps.


Safety Light Clip

All VAUDE bike backpacks come with a safety light clip. In poor visibility or dark conditions, you can attach your safety light directly to your backpack.


Rain Cover

All VAUDE backpacks that aren’t fully waterproof to start with come with a rain cover. For safety reasons, all of our rain covers feature a large reflective logo, safety light attachment point and can be removed for cleaning. In addition, VAUDE rain covers have two slots at the bottom so that they can be thread can through the hipbelt to prevent the cover from slipping upward.


Volume Expansion

Many VAUDE backpacks feature volume expansion. You’ll recognize these packs by their name. The Splash 20+5, for example, has a standard volume of 20 liters and the option of expanding it by another 5 liters.


Hydration System Exit Port

Furthermore, all VAUDE backpacks are hydration system compatible – they have an opening for the hydration tube to pass through, as well as an attachment system for the hydration bladder inside the pack.

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