Chamois Cycling Pads

The right chamois is just as important for a cyclist as the right bike or the right saddle. Chamois pads can be divided into different groups depending on their design and the properties of the materials used to make them.

A good chamois should fit like a glove. Its job is to prevent hot spots and chafing in order to make cycling as comfortable as possible. A chamois is made with various thicknesses in order to offer the best protection possible, just where it’s needed. In addition, VAUDE uses different types of foam – each with different properties – to guarantee just the right degree of padding and a comfortable fit. Sophisticated designs allow chamois pads to fit like a glove.

The design should eliminate pressure points and create a comfortable, secure sitting position. Open-cell foam ensures a healthy microclimate between the body and the fabric. The foam’s pores absorb moisture quickly and transport it out-ward. In premium chamois pads, multidensity foams are fused together. The Profil 3D design is cut rather than stamped to maintain the fabric’s properties; elasticity and breathability are maintained and no hard edges are created that could chafe. VAUDE uses skin-friendly, stretchy fabrics for the outer materials to make their chamois as comfortable as possible.

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