Primaloft® Infinity

PrimaLoft® Infinity is a continuous filament insulation that has been specifically developed for use in sleeping bags. This insulation features an enhanced loft without additional increase in weight. “Continuous filament fiber” basically means that the material unlike other synthetic fibers is made up of one almost endlessly long fiber. PrimaLoft® Infinity provides through its structure, in addition to outstanding loft, various advantages:

The use of a fine denier fiber makes PrimaLoft® Infinity incredibly soft, lightweight and compressible. This tear resistant material features excellent thermal efficiency, durability, and water resistance. Because it also doesn’t shift easily, it remains
in position within the sleeping bag, guaranteeing long lasting insulation without uncomfortable cold spots. Through its patented finish, PrimaLoft® Infinity offers superior warmth even when wet.


  • Soft, lightweight and highly compressible
  • Excellent thermal efficiency and water resistance
  • Tear resistant and doesn’t shift easily
  • Offers superior warmth even when wet
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