Sensofil High Loft

Sensofil High Loft has a 3-layer construction that offers superior insulation. The fibers are also easy to care for and weigh very little. Even when damp it retains its outstanding insulative ability and is therefore an ideal choice when heading out into areas in which condensation can become a problem.

As the name implies, the Sensofil High Loft fibers have a greater loft than previous Sensofil fibers. A special processing has been applied to make them extremely soft and offer excellent sleeping comfort.

The Sensofil High Loft microfibers in the inner fiber layer also serve to reflect body heat. This radiated body heat is not reflected directly back to the body, but instead trapped and stored in the inner fiber layer next to the body. The 3-layer construction also ensures that body moisture that may arise is quickly transported outward away from the body.


  • Superior insulation even when wet
  • Microfibers effectively reflect body heat
  • 3-layer design provides efficient moisture management
  • Higher loft than standard Sensofil fibers
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