Denier and Thread

All of our materials come with specifications concerning thread strength and number of threads used. These unit designations are provided in Denier (D) and in Thread Count (T). Denier is a sizing system used for continuous textile filaments. “D” is the unit designation for fiber coarseness of textile fibers and yarns. It can be understood as the gram weight of 9000 meters of a single yarn of sewing thread (1D= 1g/9000m).

For example: 40D polyamide Ripstop 240T A 9000m yarn of this material weighs 40g. “T” stands for Thread Count and is the number of threads per square centimeter of woven fabric.

For example: 40D polyamide Ripstop 240T 240 threads are woven into one square centimeter of this material. It can generally be stated that: the more threads used per square centimeter, the less chance down feathers have of escaping.

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