Attachment Systems

Stick, Twist Adapter, Klettverschluß/Velcro-closure

Our Saddlebags are attached with a Twist-Adapter or Stick-Adapter closure and the Ultrallight bags with a weight saving Velcro closure. The Twist-Adapter allows the saddlebag to be easily and quickly attached onto a plug-in adapter which is mounted between the saddle struts. Then with a half turn the bag is securely locked into place. the stick closure allows the saddlebag to be attached with one or two straps that wind around the saddle struts and closed with side release buckles.


Step Adjust

Our Step- Adjust mounting hoooks enable you to customfit just about any bike rack. They provide a safe and secure attaching system: simply loosen the screw and move the hook up or down along the steps until it fits you rack. A bungee with hook keeps the bag in place. Every bag comes with two sets of Step-Adjust hooks (fits either 8-12mm bike racks, or 14-20mm).



The QMR system makes up the load bearing element for attaching these bags to gear racks. Depending on the bag, they feature the use of various types of back panels. The QMR systems makes it possible to easily attach or remove VAUDE bags to your bike. VAUDE uses the well-established klick-fix systems for its handlebar bags.



The clever KLICKfix system is a quick and safe method to attach your handlebar bag: the bag adapter easily attaches with a “click” into the fixture attached to the handlebars. And at the push of the red button is easily detached.


Top Case

Waterproof top case for Aqua Back, Aqua Back Plus and Aqua
Front. Can also be used as a separate travel bag. The Top Case
is attached with 2 side clips attach to the Aqua Back and with 1
clip to the seat post to prevent it from slipping or sliding off.


• High frequency welded and waterproof
• Removable shoulder strap
• Reflective elements
• Ample storage


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