A good Suspension System

• should lie flat and distribute the weight evenly across the entire back – without stress point.

• ensures a compact fit and stability, even when the pack is fully loaded.

• creates space between your back and the pack so that air can circulate.

• ensures the pack doesn’t barrel when fully loaded, but rather keeps its shape so objects don’t press into your back.

• Backpacks with a shoulder strap adjustment system can be precisely adjusted for a perfect fit to your specific torso length and shape so the straps don’t chafe.

• The hipbelt should fit securely without excess space when closed, guaranteeing a direct transfer of weight to the hips where it can be best carried.

• Freedom of movement for the person wearing the pack shouldn’t be restricted.

No matter what a pack is designed for or how big it is, these seven features determine the quality and apply equally to all models and versions.

VAUDE bike backpacks feature two basic suspension systems: Full Contact Suspensions Systems and Ventilated Suspension Systems.

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