Thermal Collars

The thermal collar’s job is to keep heat from escaping out the top of the bag. Different sleeping bags have differently designed collars, depending on their intended use. In bags designed for “extreme“ use for example, the collar is designed like a vest and cut diagonally which keeps heat loss down to a bare minimum. In our ultralight models on the other hand, we do away with them completely because these bags aren’t designed for cold temperatures and a thermal collar isn’t necessary. Some bags have 3D thermal collars (like a neck roll pillow) to both seal the bag against heat loss and to provide optimal support for your head when sleeping.

We only use press studs (snaps) on our closures. They allow you to get out of the back quickly and help prevent any feelings of claustrophobia from setting in.


  • Minimizes heat loss
  • Supports head when sleeping (3D shape)
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