Adjust the Backpack

To adjust a loaded backpack, hoist it onto your back and proceed as follows:

1. Fasten the shoulder straps and load adjustment straps (1 and 2) and tighten slightly. The buckles and load-lifter straps should lie between your collar bone and the top of your shoulder (red arrow). The mid-point of the padded shoulder belt should be about at the top of your shoulders. If this is not the case, adjust the length of the shoulder strap accordingly.
2. Raise your shoulders and fasten the hipbelt, then tighten it (3). The hipbelt should straddle your hipbones and carry about 80% of the pack’s weight.
3. Loosen the shoulder straps until the entire weight of the pack is resting on your hips. Then tighten the straps gently to stabilise the pack on your shoulders.
4. Pull the load-lifting straps tight. The shoulder straps will lift away from the shoulders slightly and so take the weight off them.
5. Last but not least, slide the sternum strap to a comfortable height (red arrow) and fasten it. Make sure when tightening the strap that the elastic is not overstretched as this may restrict breathing.

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