Attaching Gear: Front Attachement

Option 2: Front attachment

If the skis only need to be carried over a short distance, it is easiest to attach them to the front of your pack. This is the quickest way to attach your skis.

Both skis are slid through the top of the lower front ski lash point until the ski binding is reached. The second step is to wrap the strap around the skis and pull in tightly.

At the same time, the buckle should be closed. Take note that skis may bump against the back of your head while you walk.

Some of our winter models have an additional strap with which skis can also be attached to the top of the backpack.

Careful: Especially when you walk downhill, skis attached to the front of your pack may injure your head and throw you off balance!

Hint: When going downhill attach your skis horizontally.

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