sympatex® Membrane

As one of the world‘s leading membrane specialists, Sympatex concentrates exclusively on this outer layer. With a membrane that is 100% waterproof and 100% windproof with 100% breathability. In these core aspects, the Sympatex membrane‘s performance far exceeds the norm, thereby providing optimum wearer comfort. Sympatex is also a pioneer when it comes to environmental protection because we know that people who enjoy exploring the natural world are also keen to protect it.

100% waterproof

The Sympatex membrane exceeds the EMPA requirements and withstands pressure of over 45,000 mm WC (using the WIWeB

100 % breathability

The Sympatex membrane works using a physiochemical principle. The water-loving (hydrophilic) component of the membrane absorbs moisture from the body and releases it outwards by evaporation. The water vapor molecules are transported outwards along the chains of molecules as in a billiard system.

Smart Dynamic Membrane Technology:

The more the body perspires, the more moisture the membrane can wick away. This means that its effectiveness increases dynamically as it is needed and the Sympatex membrane adapts flexibly to the relevant sport’s requirements. One benchmark used to quantify breathability is the MVTR (moisture vapor transmission rate). The higher the figure, the better: fabrics achieving an MVTR of >10,000 g/m2 /24 h are deemed to have very good breathability. With its compact membrane technology, the Sympatex membrane boasts breathability of up to 35,000 g/m2/24h MVTR.

100 % windproof

The Sympatex membrane is absolutely windproof. This functional property is important to prevent the subjective windchill effect.

100 % recyclable
The Sympatex membrane consists of oxygen, carbon and hydrogen and is fully recyclable and reusable, just like a PET bottle. 100% performance – 100% ecologically sound.

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