Aeroflex Easy Adjust

Backpacks with the Aeroflex Easy Adjust can be transformed from a full ventilation suspension system to a full contact back. This allows the backpack to be used for a wide array of activities. They can be utilized (depending on their additional features) for hiking or snowshoeing, as well as via ferrata routes or short day trekking tours.

Spring steel frame and adjustable mesh panel:

Aeroflex Easy Adjust has the same stable spring steel frame and 3-way air flow as the Aeroflex. The tension of the frame, however, can be easily adjusted using two pull loops at the connector. By pulling on both finger loops, the tension can be increased (or re-established) and the clearance space can be adjusted to its maximum size. Reducing the tension allows the mesh to slacken up. This reduces the distance between the mesh and the packsack, bringing the pack closer to the wearer’s center of gravity.

Large mesh distance:

for maximum ventilation on mountain ascents or in hot weather on easy terrain.

Small mesh distance:

when the backpack needs to be brought in closer to the body for better load balance (for example, on mountain descents, difficult terrain or via ferrata routes).

• Best possible ventilation of the back.
• Very wide range of use thanks to the adjustability of the
mesh tension.

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