Synthetic fibres

Synthetic fibres are the hard workers among fills. No other fill insulates as reliably as synthetics, no other fill is as durable and easy to care for. Synthetic fibres are how-ever significantly heavier than down and have a considerably larger pack size. We use both synthetic fibres and down in our insulating clothing. This means we can combine the advantages of synthetics and down.

Advantages of synthetic fibres:

• Insulate also when wet
• Very durable and easy to care for
• Dry rapidly and create a pleasant inner climate

Disadvantages of synthetic fibres:

• Heavier than down and do not compress as well
• Slightly less insulation



PrimaLoft® SYNERGY, is an expanded multi-denier endless fiber insulation for best warmth, softness and loft. PrimaLoft® SYNERGY is made from fine and ultrafine endless filament fibers.



PrimaLoft® with Grip Control Technology™ offers anti-slip traction for gloves and shoes for a dependability and stability. The optimal combination of grip, warmth, comfort and water repellency.


Primaloft® Eco

PrimaLoft ® Eco is the perfect combination of performance and comfort and contributes to a healthier environment. It combines ultrafine multi diameter fibers with recycled fibers and forms a dynamic, insulated structure.

PrimaLoft® Eco is made of 50% virgin fiber and 50% recyclable fibers that create soft, highly efficient insulation. Due to its water resistance, it keeps the wearer warm and dry.

PrimaLoft® Eco fibers are made from recycled goods (plastic bottles) and recycled industrial plastic waste. The use of these products reduces both the amount of oil that needs to be refined, as well as the resulting harmful emissions that lead to acid rain, global warming and smog.

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