Women’s Backpacks

We have specifically engineered women’s packs in our collection to conform to the female frame. Pack design and features are targeted expressly for the needs of women:

Shorter back length

On average, women are more than 10 cm shorter than men. Consequently, they also generally have shorter torso lengths and narrower shoulders. Our women’s models feature a shorter back length; in general, these packs are smaller overall and have a narrower profile for an optimal fit.

S-shaped shoulder straps

Women tend to have significantly narrower backs and shoulders than men. Our women’s packs have s-shaped shoulder straps to ensure that they don’t chafe under the arms or create hot spots in the chest area. This special shape ensures that the pack sits securely in the shoulder area and is less likely to slide around than a pack with straight shoulder straps would. The height of the sternum strap can be easily adjusted using a slide rail system. This is particularly an important feature for women’s packs, as most women like to position their sternum straps higher up than men.

Soft materials

The shoulder straps of our women’s packs are covered with a very soft fabric – a great plus when you’re wearing short sleeves or sleeveless tops when cycling.


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