Vent-Tex and Vent-Tex Ultralight

Activity Range

The VENT -TEX suspension system was developed primarily for athletic bike racing and mountain biking.

Function und Construction

VENT -TEX is a full contact suspension system that lies flat against your back. The load’s center of gravity sits close to your body when biking. It is especially important that the pack sits close to the body and doesn’t impair your balance when riding single trails or steep mountain trails. With the VENT -TEX suspension system, your sense of balance isn’t influenced even when your pack is heavily loaded because of the pack’s secure and stable fit, that won’t impact your range of motion.

The VENT -TEX system has an anatomical back panel made from ABS material that compensates for the curvature of your back while riding, distributing the load evenly and stabilizing the form of the backpack. A pack without a stabilizing suspension system can barrel against the back and create hotspots. The load is then unevenly distributed and the entire suspension system is unsymmetrical. It becomes more uncomfortable to carry the load and more strenuous, because your muscles have to work to compensate for the uneven load.

Packs with a VENT -TEX suspension have a high degree of stability that keeps them from barreling against the back when fully loaded, significantly increases wearing comfort. VENT -TEX packs are extremely pack stable, and sharp gear cannot press through the ABS panel and into your back.


• More comfortable due to even load distribution
across the back and hips
• Excellent pack stability
• Sits close to your body
• Body contact suspension system offers optimal ventilation
• Even load distribution and shock absorption


• Somewhat heavier pack weight overall


VENT -TEX Ultralight

We left out the backplate in our VENT -TEX Ultralight suspension system, saving on weight without scrimping on comfort. Mesh padding positioned along the curve of the spine offers reliable carrying comfort even on hard trails. The padding does not absorb moisture and creates a large ventilation channel that brings in enormous amounts of air to cool the back.

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