Care of Performance Clothing

It doesn’t take long to describe the most important features of performance clothing: Waterproof and windproof, Breathable and thermo-regulating, Durable and hard-wearing, Flexible and lightweight, Integrated UV protection, Easy-care and long-lasting. But really good performance clothing is more than just the sum of its features. The difference between just “good” and “very good” is the details specially designed for specific applications and the clothing’s perfect fit.

Tips for household washing

  • Before washing, turn the garment inside out. This protects the material from rubbing and wear during the wash cycle.
  • Zips and velcro fasteners should always be closed, to prevent small hairs, threads etc. getting stuck in them and reduce wear due to washing.
  • Use a mild liquid detergent, preferably a special detergent such as NikWax Tech Wash for performance textiles.
  • Do not use fabric softener, as this can reduce the breathability of the membrane.
  • Do not fill the washing machine completely.
  • Only use the tumble drier when this is clearly stated on the label.
  • Never iron fleece jackets, just shake them out after washing with mild deter-gent.
  • Performance shirts and blouses dry quickly, so it is not necessary to tumble dry them. This protects not only the material but also the environment.


  • Heavy rain can wash out the waterproofing in the outer layer of performance jackets. Even if the membrane of these jackets is completely waterproof, the shell layer is usually additionally protected so that it does not soak up water. This is because a wet shell layer can reduce the breathability of the membrane by up to 80%. Clothing should therefore be re-waterproofed when necessary. The right time to do this is as soon as water forms a wet patch on the shell layer instead of rolling off it. The easiest thing to do is to waterproof clothing after washing, then you are sure to be on the safe side.
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