Washing and Drying


  • At 30°C on a delicate cycle with a product for down or synthetic fill (Nikwax Down Wash or Tech Wash) – depending on how dirty the bag is (rule of thumb: wash after about 20 overnights).
  • Only partially spin dry!
  • Never use fabric softener!
  • For bags that weigh more than 1500 grams, check to make sure that the washing machine is large enough.


In a dryer: Best dried at low temperatures around 30°C, along with two to three tennis balls that help to unclump the insulation and restore its loft. Dry the bag thoroughly and hang up to air out at least a day or two before storing it away.

Without a dryer: Best dried in direct sunlight on a washstand. Turn the sleeping bag often and shake it out to restore its loft. Repeat the procedure until the sleeping bag is completely dry.

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